I am reading a lovely new book I ordered on amazon, THE WILD FEMININE, by Tami Lynn Kent. She is a holistic woman’s healthcare provider who is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care. I am learning so much about the power of the root in your overall health and well-being. It is blowing my mind, how in France, women are able to receive session post pregnancy for pelvic care covered by health care plan. When will we catch up in America?? I hope the more we can talk about these things and get over our sexual fears, we can begin to see that pelvic work and physical tantric or taoist body work is a healing form and more about quality of life and health than it is about Sex per se. It’s really about the whole picture of a woman’s life inside and outside of the bedroom.

In THE WILD FEMININE, Tami Lynn Kent writes” The body responds to fear by closing down all but the most vital functions. It goes into a mode of survival, prompting a woman to act out of primitive instinct rather than from her creative capacity.  The root of the female body is particularly vulnerable to fear because the base of the pelvic bowl contains the root chakra: the energy center that regulates a woman’s core identity and her sense of security. When she feels safe, a woman’s pelvic muscles relax and she feels her connection to life, her place of belonging. When she is afraid, the energy of her root chakra is activated and the muscles in her pelvic floor tighten. Living in a range restricted by her bodily response to fear will continually limit a woman’s ability to inhabit the fullness of her life or use her energy resources.”………

“A woman’s body may also present in a state of high pelvic distress even though the traumatic experience initially triggering the stress response had occurred many years previously. Unless resolved with hands-on bodywork, distress in the root often continues to disrupt a woman’s pelvic presence and energy flow.”….

“The beauty of the pelvic bowl is that simply working with the body’s response to trauma and stress may bring healing and restore a woman’s access to her creative core. By addressing areas of energy blockage, a woman’s inner range is no longer defined by these restrictions. With practice in restoring her root energy flow, a woman gains the ability to overcome the fear and resolve the trauma response that would otherwise block her full creative potential. She can process the energy of future stressful events with greater resources and deepen the root strength for herself and for all her creations.”

Sounds good to me!!

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