So look, if you haven’t read any David Deida, please for the love of life and relationships go get you some Deida books. Merry Xmas.

Any of them. They all rock. Just read. Don’t argue just yet, let him get to the finish line which he does with surprising wisdom after leading you thru his point with such a cliche viewpoint you want to punch him, and then suddenly, he suprises you with his accuracy …. suddenly you say …ahhhh….that actually makes perfect sense. Men are hornballs. And it’s okay. It’s actually great. Goddess bless the hornballs and the weepy uncontrollable women….It’s really okay to see our weaknesses. And to celebrate our strengths.

So from Deida’s book “It’s a Guy Thing:: An Owner’s Manual For Women…

“The highest form of feminine radiance is love, which can be expressed in many ways. Men feed on this radiance. This love heals their hearts. When they receive it, men feel, YES! This is the woman I want to be with! It is this radiance, this happiness, that shines through a man’s bad mood.

Nothing makes a man happier than your happiness. Plan tonight this way: Be as happy as possible and give your happiness as much as possible. Give your happiness in the way you enjoy it, with energy and creative imagination. Don’t imagine his negative reaction, Oh, he’ll never accept it. Give him happiness the way you want to.

Kiss him, hug him, hold him, tell him you love him, tell him how good it is to see him. Do whatever expresses your happiness. He might scowl and mumble, “I don’t feel like it. I feel horrible.” Don’t absorb his masculine refusal of life and energy. Transform the moment, literally, into a garden of life: music, loving affection, food and light. All of it is just an expression of your radiant happiness.

The Feminine force is the force of life. Your happiness is the heart of this force. The masculine bad mood is all about dissociating from the force of life, but you don’t have to withold your gift just because your man tends to refuse you. The masculine always tries to avoid or manipulate the force of life. Take this into account humorously, and be happy. Your feminine force of life is your unique gift to your man, and, deep down, its what he wants from you, regardless of his resistance.