Private Coaching Women


In my sessions with women I encourage embodiment of the goddess in the heart, mind and soul, expressed through the body.  I create a safe and nurturing space for women to fully access the power of their sacred sensual selves, to open their heart to this presence and to relax into truly feeling the depth of pleasure, power and sensitivity that is every woman’s birthright.

Each session is tailored to the comfort of the individual and involves, touch, breath, sound and coaching. Womb activation, embodied heart prayer, Sacred Spot Massage, toning and inner journeying can make up our time together. We work together to craft a session that feels right for your wants and needs. Each woman is honored for the goddess that lives within her. Each woman is supported in her personal goals and desires.  Everything is created within her comfort zone and safety.

Sessions take place in the privacy of my studio on a professional bodywork table with organic oils, aromatherapy, candles, hot towels, fresh linens, and beautiful sound therapy.  Part of our first session is discussing your needs, desires and boundaries and creating safety, communication and ease.

Possibilities to focus on in Your Session:

-Expanding to greater pleasure

-Learning more about your body

-Getting our of your head during intimacy

-Body Love and Acceptance

-Stress Relief

-Learning Tantric Techniques

-Practicing Tantric Breath Techniques

-Letting go of Past Lovers

-Tuning in deeper to your Feminine Essence

-Letting go of shame

-Addressing Religious or Societal Conditioning

-Finding your “yes” and your “no”


Session Donations for Women::

2.5 Hours for First Time Session: 600

Follow Up Sessions to be Discussed and Discounted.