Goddess Training

Are you a woman that would love to learn embodiment practices and bodywork techniques that you can take home to your partner or lover…..
Are you seeking support to fully activate the tantra goddess that already exists within you?
Do you want to learn skills and sensual temple arts that you can share with your beloveds?
Do you want to feel empowered in the offering of pleasure and of taking another on a sensual journey?
Do you want me to share the secrets I have learned to give your partners more pleasure, healing, bliss and expansion?
Have you been a bit shy about sharing this part of yourself and seek a teacher and a guide that will support you to learn and share these gifts with confidence, expertise and sincere compassion and acceptance?

I love to train women to stand more confident in the sensual priestess every woman carries within….I enjoy to empower you with skills, techniques and education so that you can combine it with your own intuition and unique expression to add more healing and pleasure to your intimate life and grow in intimacy with the beloveds in your life…

Learn techniques to
-Slow a partner down, preventing PE or performance anxiety
-Activate both the heart and pleasure so intimacy naturally deepens
-Learn breath techniques that connect you both even deeper and highlight their pleasure potential
-Embody your deepest sensuality and feminine power with confidence, trust and profound gratitude
-Let go of body image fears, performance anxiety, and shyness and learn to use these challenges productively to highlight your greatest attributes
-Empower yourself to take the lead and allow vibrant female energy to flow thru you to wow your partners in mind, body and soul.
-Play with different techniques and bodywork skills that you can make your own and build your own tantra tool kit that will last a lifetime.
-Discover more of your own healing pleasure and the ability to share that with another.

It is my joy to empower another woman to offer what I offer and to share these practices to catalyze more healing in pleasure both in and out of the bedroom. Nothing thrills me more than a woman feeling empowered to be the tantric goddess she is and to discover her own unique style of sharing. It is an honor to pass on practices that have empowered my own life and have created such healing and pleasure for my clients…I would love to see this goodness spread to lovers can be fulfilled in each other.

* I offer a minimum of three sessions to truly receive this work, and depending on how much you want to learn, it can last a lifetime as I am always learning new skills and embodiment techniques…

Simply fill out the inquiry form here and I will contact you for a discovery call where we can determine a course of learning based on your needs and desires. It is my pleasure to serve your goddess awakening.