Tantric Embodiment Session

My work with women centers around healing, discovering more life force energy and learning ways to connect deeper to the vital energy that is female orgasmic energy that flows thru each and every woman.

I practice sacred yoni massage from a place of deep loving awareness, healing and support.

Yoni massage is a gentle, healing way to support a woman to open up to her whole body, release trauma and stuck energy and realign her to her divine goddess energy. It is a powerful healing that restores a woman in mind, body and soul and activates the sacred spot that contains life force energy, pleasure, and imprints from the past.

This is about slowing down to really feel the whole body and expand pleasure thresholds and get in touch with all of you.
This is about Listening….
Gaining clarity on core desires, boundaries, what feels good or doesn’t.
This is about discovering…. breathwork techniques to release stagnant energy, numbness, blocks or pain and to re-connect to the vitality within, the energy of pleasure, the beauty of the senses and the power of the heart connected to passion.

Thru a combination of breath, touch and sound as well as tantric technique and dialogue, each woman is encouraged to come home to her own skin and fall in love with the goddess energy within her.
Self-love, self-forgiveness, and acceptance of the mind, body and emotions…

This is about re-discovery of the magic of being turned on in my mind, body and soul, and allowing the radiance of pleasure to be every woman’s birthright.

This is about expanding orgasmic potential and discovering how your intimate bliss energy connects to every aspect of your life.

Each session is tailored to your comfort levels, goals and sincerest desires.
Breathwork, touch, sound, sensate focus, sacred yoni massage, meditation, and sacred ritual and aesthetics.

This is for you If:
-You have felt stuck or numb in your sexuality and want to discover deeper sensation and more connection to your sexual wholeness
-You have a difficulty orgasming or feeling pleasure and feel the support of an embodied wise woman would support you.
-You are highly orgasmic but would like to become multi orgasmic or increase orgasmic potential.
-Want to learn how to use orgasmic energy for whole body healing and overall vitality and feminine radiance.
-Are moving thru trauma or past relationships that you feel ready to address, let go of and heal.
-Want to move on from a past relationship to welcome in a new one.
-Are wanting to go deeper into your divine feminine power and know there is more to the Yoni/Female parts than you have been told.
-Want to learn tantric techniques that use orgasmic energy to create the fulfillment of your dreams and desires in a conscious way
-Simply want more pleasure, and openness so you can live at your fullest sexual potential.

Please fill out my inquiry form here and I will contact you about scheduling a complimentary 20 minute phone discovery session.