Soulful Intimacy and Sex Coaching

Are you ready to make significant shifts to your life both inside and outside of the bedroom?

Are you challenged by a sexual issue that traditional therapy and life coaching doesn’t seem to address?

Are you eager to have the guidance of an Embodied Wise Woman that will map out concrete steps to reach your sexual and life goals, hold you accountable, cheer you on and provide the safe and nurturing space to address more vulnerable issues that many coaches and healers simply do not treat?

Are you desiring a more consistent way of working that spans weeks or months, so that you have the time to really create lasting change and the attainment of your goals and have the ongoing support of an expert?

Are you wanting deeper education and discovery of your most intimate self as it relates to your life and relationships?

Soulful Intimacy and Sex Coaching addresses your sexual and intimate challenges and goals and creates action plans and deep inquiry to move you towards a more expanded experience of your sexuality and relationships.


-Get clear on your deepest desires in the bedroom and how that connects to the deep desires for your life
-Develop a simple action plan and daily habits that bring you closer to your goals in and out of the bedroom.
-Learn tantric meditation techniques and self pleasure rituals that attract more of what you truly desire into your life.
-Harness the power of your desires to create fulfillment and ease in all areas of your life
-Experience the benefits of having an embodied wise woman in your corner, cheering you on and holding you accountable to reach your deepest potential.
-Understand yourself in relationship to the opposite sex so that you can move thru patterns that may have kept you stuck or in the same cycles in the past.
-Lighten up! Enjoy life more, discover the power of high vibration thru pleasure techniques to create life with more fun, joy and ease.
-Let go of outdated beliefs and blockages, that don’t serve your goals or keep you feeling small or limited.
-Watch as success finds you without you having to effort, strive or bang your head against the wall.
-Remember how to work with passion rather than working “hard”and learn key pivot techniques that can take any challenge and turn them into opportunities.
-Refine your dating approach and learn to have rewarding dating experiences that allow you to grow and prepare you to reach your dating goals.
-Attract your soulmate partner or partners, clear blockages to true love.
-Let go of past relationships, hurts and fears.

This is for you if:
-You have tried traditional therapy or life coaching and it hasn’t addressed these deeper issues.
-You seek a safe space to understand and resolve your most intimate challenges
-You are eager to expand your understanding of sexuality and intimacy and are willing to do the personal work to bring you to new heights of love and intimacy.
-You want to learn to pleasure your partner in even more heightened ways
-You want to learn self pleasure techniques for manifestation and magic.
-You suffer from religious or societal conditioning that prevents you from accessing your true erotic potential
-You want relationship tools that support you creating healthier relationships
-You feel blocked in your sexual experience and want clear steps to bring you to greater heights of pleasure
-You feel your life is lacking pleasure both in and out of the bedroom and you want support in saying Yes, to a life with more pleasure and ease.
-You not only want to address your sexuality and relationships, you want our work together to also transform your professional and family life.
-You want to feel more empowered as a man or woman and understand what is holding you back from living in your deepest potential.
-You want cutting edge techniques and processes that great true human transformation that are fun, nourishing and not adding more “work” to your already demanding schedule.

What it is not:
-This is not therapy or a way to work thru your past in a professional way. While we will address limiting beliefs and prior events that may impact you now, this is not therapy in the traditional sense. If I feel you need the help of a trained therapist I will refer you to a trusted colleague well educated in these matters.
-This does not involve tantric healing or the sharing of physical work. While I will offer you exercises and homeplay you can practice on your own, I am not offering tantric in person work. If you desire this, please see my Tantra for Transformation offering here. (link to that page)


For Long Term Goals:
I work with people in commitments of 3, 6 and 9 months with a 90 minute call once per week or every two weeks.

We begin with a 90 minute deep dive call to clarify your goals and desires.

This work takes a commitment to truly see changes, and often it takes a bit of time to truly see the subconscious patterns that may be holding you back. Think of it as an investment in your whole life, as that is truly how powerful it is to address your sexuality and relationships.

3 Months: $3600 paid in full or $1300/month
6 Months: $7000 paid in full or $1200/month
9 Months: $10,000 paid in full or $1111/month

For Short Term Goals
-This is for those of you who may simply want to learn a specific technique or get coaching related to a dating or relationship situation or for applying tantric techniques to a short term professional situation.

We have 3 calls in the span of a month. First call is 90 minutes and second two are 60 minutes.


How to book:
**I am highly selective about who I work with and am only interested in working with sincere, depthful souls, willing and excited to take the beautiful path of tantric transformation for the benefit of your highest ideals, goals and relationships.
Please fill out my inquiry form here and I will contact you about scheduling a complimentary 30 minute phone discovery session.