Q and A

How is Sensual Tantric Healing different from other experiences I have had?

My emphasis is on really coming home to deep nurturing stillness and relaxation within that is connected to a deep passion. What I like to call relaxed arousal. So I work with building the energy in the whole system thru breath and tantric technique and then allowing that energy to spread thru the body with long fluid strokes and deep nurturing touch so you truly experience a full body pleasure healing. I want you to leave deeply centered and relaxed, but electrified with good energy swimming thru your entire body so you are the most alive for the rest of your life. I embrace pleasure energy in all it’s forms, so you will feel deeply embraced for all your desires.

I believe this energy is a powerful doorway when combined with tantric technique and breath to really revitalize and inspire you to your greatness and potential both in and out of the bedroom. I adore to be a vessel for the highest goddess energy to pour thru me and into you so you receive the graces of activated female energy that is passionate and heart centered. It fills me up as much as it does you, so you can be assured I am enjoying every minute of our time together and your pleasure gives me pleasure.

Do you provide GFE, Oral sex or intercourse?

These are not part of my session experience but I highly respect those providers who feel called to offer that. The quality of deep sensuality, tantric skill and whole body experience that I bring, creates an experience often better than more expanded offerings.

How Should I Prepare For the Session?

The best is to refrain from heavy caffeine or heavy food 2-4 hours before the appointment time. Definitely no alcohol, as it actually dulls the senses, and you won’t have as deep of a session. Fresh breath and healthy attitude are encouraged. You are able to shower at my temple before the session and after because coming in off the street requires a transition into relaxation time and the water of the shower is that conduit of ease and slowing down….It’s part of the experience.

What do you wear?

I generally wear a light mini dress or slip that leaves me plenty of fluidity in movement and is easily transparent for skin to skin experience if closeness feels appropriate for our time together.

Do you allow mutual touching?

I start all sessions with you simply receiving which allows you to completely surrender and feel your body’s full capacity for pleasure. We often don’t realize how stuck we are in outward energy in our modern world and learning to receive can be one of the most transformative experiences and the most intensely pleasurable. I am a highly sensitive being and part of my gift is in being able to listen deeply to your body and how it wants to be touched. In order for me to listen this deeply i need to keep the focus on you for the first part of the session. Once a beautiful energetic flow is established, your connected and appreciative touch is part of the experience so you learn to give from a place of fullness.

I truly want you to receive the most enjoyable session and this means, me keeping my body as open and relaxed as possible is necessary for the most activated feminine energy to be able to flow thru me and to you. I am an ecstatic and deeply passionate lover and I adore to teach you new ways to give that pleasure from a place of giving thru body, heart and soul. I follow and listen to my body at all times so you receive the most authentic experience, so if a specific type of mutual touch is truly important to you I am probably not the right provider for you. If you consider mutual touch as an added bonus to an already incredible, mind altering experience then I am definitely the right provider for you.

What should I do with the Donation?

Please bring it in a plain envelope and leave it in the donation box in the bathroom before the session. Or if you prefer, simply pay pal me. If I am visiting you please have it in an unsealed plain envelope and please leave it in the bathroom. Please do not make me ask for the donation as I like to keep our focus on our authentic time together.

What if I am late?

I will do my best to make up the time if I am able. Please call or text if you are running late. If for some reason I am running late (which is rare) then I will do my best to make up the time in a future session if you cannot extend your time. Of course donations are adjusted upon my lateness

What about your donations?

I set up a sliding scale payment arrangement so that you feel comfortable affording what feels right for you. Please do not try and negotiate donations outside of that. If you are wanting to book several sessions it is my pleasure to put together a package offering so you feel good about your budget over time. Simply inquire. The donations I set are comparable to the donations in my field and locations. If you are a surviver of trauma, war, or have extenuating circumstances please write me about your situation and I will do my heartfelt best to come up with a budget friendly way you can receive this healing.

Do you experience pleasure in the session?

Absolutely. Bringing thru love, presence and activated feminine energy thru my body for your healing pleasure is a deep honor, and extreme joy. I use my own breath, sound and body as well as inner tantric practice to generate the most nourishing, juicy energy so you receive beautiful energy that dances between us and creates supreme healing and joy.

Because I am so sensitive I don’t require a lot of stimulation to fill with pleasure energy and our body to body contact creates a synergy and alchemy of ecstatic healing. While this session is focused primarily on you, you will no doubt be able to feel how much healing and pleasure it also brings me.

What is the timing?

Sessions begin the moment you enter the door and are timed to end as you leave. I consider the entire experience to be part of the session. If the session is needing more time and I have it to offer, I do. I do not like to keep a stop watch but sometimes I need to stay to time and sometimes you have somewhere you need to be. Let me know if you have a definitive time schedule so I can make sure you are leaving on time.

How Long Have you been doing this work?

Many lives. 🙂 But in this life, about 13 years professionally. But most probably, all of my life.

What if I have to cancel?

Sometimes life happens. If you give me 24 hour notice, life moves on and we find another time. If you give me less than 24 hour notice I do charge $50% of the original amount as a re-book fee and can hold your deposit towards the re-booking if you have made a deposit on online. If it is extenuating circumstances or you shared with me at the time of booking that you may need to cancel last minute, I wave this fee. I have a full practice and take a limited number of sessions per week so I can be as fresh and focused as possible for you to receive the deepest healing experience. I also live a full life of self-care, other projects as well as a lot of additional time spent preparing around the session so my time is extremely valuable.

What if I want to bring you something as a gift?

Awesome! I love gifts, but I don’t expect them. Flowers, organic chocolate, gift certificates to Barnes and Noble, Victoria’s Secret, Free People or the Apple store all make me feel like a kid at Xmas.

What kinds of oils do you use? Do they smell?

My oil is unscented and upon your arrival I add the aromatherapy of high grade organic essential oils based on what you feel you are needing (i.e energy/relaxation/clarity etc). If you don’t want scents, then plain grape seed or coconut oil is all you will receive. Let me know at the beginning of the session.

What Else Do you Do?

I am involved in many creative pursuits in my life, including building workshops and classes, dance, yoga, meditation, writing and constant learning. I also love to cook and make raw chocolate.

Can we Meet for Tea or for a drink outside of the session?

If you would like to have a tantric tea date to discuss your session before or after, I am happy to accommodate you. I do request a donation of $100/hour. I do not drink alcohol very often so drinks are generally not a part of my time with you. Our time on the phone before or after the session is at no charge and generally doesn’t go over 20 minutes. Please respect my time as I respect yours.

What about discretion?

I am an extremely discreet person and I expect the same from you. If life ever brought us together outside of the session space I would remain discrete and unassuming as I would hope you would as well. I never reveal the details of my clientele. To anyone. Ever.


Please, take good care of yourself before the session. I am extremely sensitive to smell, so fresh breath and pleasant body odor are a plus. I strive to return the same care with you.


Please arrive with a respectful and caring attitude. I put my heart and soul into my time with you and find it so much easier to do this when I feel a mutual atmosphere of care and respect.

** If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at luvfire13@gmail.com
***I do not offer illegal services so any questions relating to illegal activity, will force me to end our correspondence. Please think before you ask:)