About Sagarra…

Greetings Beloveds….Allow me to introduce myself

I am a natural sensualist, and tantra seeker that loves to approach sensual massage as an artistic dance with the body and soul, opening your energy centers, connecting you to the power of your breath and allowing you to relax fully into pleasure. When we relax into our authentic arousal, and connect it with the heart, rather than tensing with the power of pleasure energy, we open ourselves to more love, joy and bliss. When we learn to direct that energy to allow its natural healing powers to open the heart, calm the mind and connect the soul, healing is natural. Wholeness and alignment are re-discovered. I absolutely love to offer these gifts to you and share the ecstasy of true pleasure.

I was raised on the west coast and traveled east for an education at a top university, studying the arts and psychology. Eventually I was led to yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance and met my first tantra teacher and began a deep study into the body, the mind, the emotions and the deep soul within.

I discovered my own sexuality was a powerful gateway to the divine, and began to trust my own divine pleasure as a source of healing and divine connection. When sexual energy is combined with soulful intention, a playful spirit and a deep respect for all of life, we begin to realize bliss and pleasure are our true natures. We return home to the safety in our skins, we allow the electric power of desire to fill us with vitality. I believe our divine sexuality is our connection to our deepest creative vitality and genius.

I continued on in my studies of all things healing and creative after school and traveled many places seeking higher tantric wisdom. I have studied Tantra, Breathwork, Yoga, Indigenous Healing, Sensual Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Nutrition, Detoxing, Life Coaching, Sound Healing and the Erotic Arts with some of the best teachers and healers on the planet. A forever student, I am constantly learning new spiritual and sexual healing arts so that my offerings always evolve and my sensual medicine bag is always filled.

What Gives Me Joy

My joy is in dancing over your body with activated goddess energy that opens new pleasure pathways and ignites deeper connection to life force and sacred sexual energy.

I offer tantric techniques and luxurious energy experiences to open your mind, body and heart to a more holistic sensual journey that honors your deepest desires and fantasies as doorways into transcendent pleasure healing. I share sacred tantric techniques that allow the expansion of pleasure thru-out your whole body and amplify your deepest pleasure potential and soul expansion.

My body, hands, voice, eyes and presence envelope you in serene comfort, deep sensuality and nurturing pleasure.. I encourage a deep meeting into all parts of you to bring you into greater balance, ease and trust in the goodness of yourself and all of life.

I am equal parts tantric muse, wise woman, compassionate healer, playful friend and soulful ally. I cater each session to your wants and needs and am happy to create with you, the experiences that will offer you the deepest connection to your core desires and manifestations. Allow me, to remind you of your deepest potential and possibility. Allow me to guide you into the deeper mysteries of the goddess, to return home to the timeless, to allow you to be perfect just as you are…..