So….I tried it. I gave in and went to this event everyone told me was going to be so wonderful. A dance event, not really a class, not really a party,, not really a prayer…kind of a mix of all of these. Live DJ and drums…..people in various assortments of yoga clothes showing off how free they are and wild and cool and expressive. Bare chested men, long skirted women, tribal moves, hip hop moves, ballet moves…..It was my scene. The expressive dance scene. Every hug I received usually had some assortment of sweaty check chest or hand. So nobody really could hug. But that was okay. We were dancing and sweating and this was a good reason  not to hug.

Except the music was too loud. Immediately upon entering this old beautiful church (St. Mark’s Church) a beautiful venue to have the event,  symbolic, historic, open, prayerful…it’s really quite perfect. In the middle of the East Village one of the best neighborhoods in NYC with a nice wide open dance floor…except the floor was wood over cement which sucks for dancer bare feet and really letting go. I couldn’t find it….I tried. I got on the dance floor, I liked a lot of the music. I found ways to not let the floor bother me by pretending I was a butterfly and moving thru water…I did all the tricks. I even got ear plugs. I danced with others. I danced with friends I love. I sat and watched others dance. I meditated. I stretched.

But earplugs? And my ears still hurt. Finally I grabbed my girlfriend and we mosied out side running into all different friends….chatted outside the church near the Kombucha and Raw Chocolate Stands. And it was still too loud. But seeing the friends …..that was the highlight. The beautiful people of NYC, the artistic, prayerful, ecstatic dancers who care.  So the night was not a waste…..but I won’t be back unless they lower the sound. Girls gotta keep her standards.