I just got off the phone with a prospective client.  He wanted to know if my sessions included “a bunch of breathing”. He didn’t want that, he said. It was annoying to constantly be told to breathe. He wasn’t a breather.

I smiled silently on the other end. Suppressing a chuckle. He wasn’t a breather? Really? 🙂

He also said he wanted to really let go of stress and learn to expand his energy and grow his capacity for pleasure. He spent a lot of time in an office and felt he was in his head too much. He wanted out of the daily grind, to escape into an alternate world.

These desires are quite common and I hear them alot from people interested in working with me. And I have to tell them:: The only way out of the head and into the body is thru the breath. Because the breath is what connects us, anchors us to our physical reality. It’s literally the thing that keeps us here, alive, as human beings. Without it….we stop living.

Something happens when we consciously breathe, and when we open up deeper to breath. When we allow oxygen and life force in. We become more ALIVE. We feel more. We create space in our bodies where there was previous tension and tightness, we literally live longer, deeper, fuller lives. In order to feel the capacity of your entire being, you must breathe. Usually we don’t even realize how little and shallow we are breathing until somebody puts our attention on it. “Breathe” they say. Yes, I am, I am alive, right? Well yes and no. You will breathe, but it’s not that simple.

The breath can act as a cleanser to your energy systems. Helping to remove literal toxins and also energetic toxins that accumulate in our etheric fields. The breath also helps us open up the subconscious states that help us merge into trance states, to relax, to let go of the usual mental to do lists and over analyzing. That sublime place we are looking for inside of ourselves, really only happens if we can let go of the more superficial layer that we usually operate from in our daily life. When we breathe, we start to submerge into a deeper reality, a reality that is in our cells, in our muscles, our bones, our heart and in sensation and then beyond. By breathing, particularly at the points we don’t want to, we begin to open the stuck places. The frozen places and the protected places.

And that’s exactly what we want to do if we truly want to heal. If we truly want to open up to all that we can experience as human beings on every level: Soul. Sex. Sensual. Emotional. Heart. Body. Each level needs the breath to make it come alive, to allow whatever needs to be cleansed and released it’s time to move. The breath is movement in our physical bodies and in our energetic bodies, it has intelligence, and healing energy in it. To trust it is to trust the divine. It also helps us relax into sensation, so that sensation can expand and reveal its deeper messages. Without the breath there is just a superficial experience of sensation. You might bliss out from the touch, but you won’t necessarily reach down deep into embodying your deepest pleasure. You will just stay on the surface and never really sink in.

For people who really don’t like to breathe, I say:: breathe deep here and now with whatever you are feeling and then forget it after some time. Just breathe how you normally do and just FEEL the effects of breathing deeply. Most people say wow. Because that is just how disconnected we can become in our lives. Living in our heads, thru the computer, the iPhone, the TV, that keeps us in a fantasy illusion of reality, we become so disconnected we don’t even realize. Suddenly you take some breaths, you feel some touch and boom! A whole new reality opens up, you become alive again, human, visceral, embodied. Here and Now. Where all the bliss is hanging out. To really FEEL our lives, we must breathe.

As I go along, having taken yoga, tantra and breath work trainings, I am still on the search for different ways to breathe. Still uncovering the power of this amazing work and its effect on our ability to connect to our sensuality and our feelings and to help cleanse and heal spaces in us that need love and care. Even right now, I notice, as I type, my head immersed in the computer screen, I am not really breathing. So I take a breath. It’s like an ocean of bliss rolls thru and I find the next word….I feel my belly expand, my heart open and lighter feeling when I exhale, making me realize even just sitting and typing, you can be carrying and hanging on to stress…..

So breathe my friends. And welcome the opportunity to have someone reminding you. The journey thru breath is a glorious one and its free to each one of us that has two  lungs and a mouth.


Blessings and breath