Private Coaching Women


In my sessions with women I encourage embodiment of the goddess in the heart, mind and soul, expressed through the body.  I create a safe and nurturing space for women to fully access the power of their sacred sensual selves, to open their heart to this presence and to relax into truly feeling the depth of pleasure, power and sensitivity that is every woman’s birthright.

Each session is tailored to the comfort of the individual and involves, touch, breath, sound and coaching. Womb activation, embodied heart prayer, Sacred Spot Massage, toning and inner journeying make up our time together. Each woman is honored for the goddess that lives within her. Each woman is supported in her empowerment, joy and surrender to the life force within.  Everything is created within her comfort zone and safety.

Session Donations for Women::

*Session donations are on a suggested donation sliding scale basis. Please choose what feels appropriate for your situtaion and is honoring to the offerings.

75 mins:::: (If I have seen you before):::260-360

90 mins:::(Minimum for first time sessions:::300-400

2 Hours:::(Ideal time)::::400-500

2.5 Hours:::500-600

3 Hours::::600-700