What is sensuality? This word gets used a lot in many contexts, usually in the context of sex or sexuality, but what is it really?

Wiki.answers.com has this to say “Sensuality is definitely not synonymous with sex. However, sensuality can arouse sexual desire, lead to sex and heighten a sexual experience.

Sensuality is an enjoyment of the pleasure we receive through our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Although each of these can be experienced in a sexual context, they can also be enjoyed in a totally non-sexual way.

Sometimes we ought to see the word “some sensuality” in a movie’s rating description. When we see that we should expect full on sex scenes and all that. That means there are scenes were characters bathing in a steamy setting, getting a massage, foreplay, kissing neck/body, erotic dancing, sexual arousal, etc – these heighten our (and the characters’) senses.” www.wiki.answers.com

Hmmm. Okay. This seems true but also a bit of a narrow definition about what sensuality is and also, what it COULD be. What I am interested in is exploring and expanding beyond our current definitions and experiences of sensuality and entering into a more expanded investigation into the world of sensuality and the power of its ability to HEAL, make WHOLE, TRANSMUTE and LIBERATE. I am interested in a better quality of life through sensuality.  But let me rephrase that, I do believe we are naturally and intelligently sensual, so it’s not about manipulating ourselves to get something we don’t have, it’s simply about dropping in to what is already going on within our own creative, responsive and potently healing sensual body. To listen to what is already present and make use of the information we hear, deep in our cells, muscles, tissues and fibers of our body being.

What is sensuality? Well in my humble opinion, I feel sensuality is a gateway to a more holistic way of being in our lives. Forget the bedroom. If we keep focusing on tantra or sensuality to be about the bedroom, we narrow ourselves and limit what is possible for our human experience. The bedroom will be there, the hot steamy experiences will be there, but this is not our focus if we are really pursuing a meaningful and true experience of tantra and sensuality. Besides we can’t live in our bedrooms and usually we only take a few people in there anyway so if we focus there, we aren’t going to be very popular or get out of the house a lot. Life is happening outside the bedroom in many forms and all of those in my opinion are sensual and tantric.

So if we don’t focus on the bedroom or the hot steamy experiences, then what are we talking about here? What is sensuality outside of the bedroom? In the boardroom, in the gym, in the restaurant, in the daily life of our lives? How do these 5 senses actually impact our everyday experience as well as our spiritual lives? How can we begin to dive deeper into the body to experience it as the wise and intelligent vessel that it is. To listen to its language of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell? What do these 5 senses have in common? How do they work together? What happens when we really live and feel in each one of them? What does this do to our mind, emotions, decisions, and relationships? What also happens when they are blocked, stuffed or muted? How does that throw us off-balance? And how does our sensorial environment impact the way we live our lives? And more importantly what are the changes, exercises, investigations that we can do to bring us more in line with our natural connection to these 5 angels?

What is sensuality? A gift, a mystery, a journey, an investigation and a deep yearning, to know ourselves and be in touch with the creative instinctual spark. To be fully alive in all we are doing, present to the limitless possibilities within and without. Okay and yes, to have the hot steamy experiences in the bedroom. Lets not leave those out, those can be extremely awakening and powerful as well. They just aren’t our focus…..so that we can really fly on this sensual magic carpet.

In following blogs I will write more thoroughly about different aspects of sensuality, and for sure not, there is no ANSWER, I write from a place of investigation and inquiry and complete surrender that alot of what is being discussed here will have to be left to mystery. In other words, there may be no answer to the question: What is Sensuality?  It may just be what we need to ask in order to begin the journey….


In love and gratitude for being able to share so freely.