Tantra for Transformation Packages

Do you desire to really make significant shifts in your personal and professional life with the support of the power of Tantra?

Do you want to receive expert guidance on how to weave these powerful sensual tantric healing techniques into your daily life for more pleasure, success, magic and ease in your life inside and outside of the bedroom?

Are you ready to supercharge your life with the creative power of orgasmic energy that is connected to your deepest desires and dreams for your life?

Do you want the support of an embodied goddess who deeply cares for your transformation and success and knows how to bring you to new heights of pleasure and success?

I custom tailor a rich experience of goddess support, tantric breathwork, tantric bodywork/somatic learning, and Soulful Sex and Life coaching that gets you results both in your intimate life and your professional life.

-Receive tantric healing that balances, relaxes and energizes you to be at your best
-Get clear on your deepest desires in the bedroom and how that connects to the deep desires for your life
-Develop a simple action plan and daily habits that bring you closer to your goals in and out of the bedroom.
-Learn tantric meditation techniques and self pleasure rituals that attract more of what you truly desire into your life.
-Harness the power of your desires to create fulfillment and ease in all areas of your life
-Experience the benefits of having an embodied wise woman in your corner, cheering you on and holding you accountable to reach your deepest potential.
-Understand yourself in relationship to the opposite sex so that you can move thru patterns that may have kept you stuck or in the same cycles in the past.
-Lighten up! Enjoy life more, discover the power of high vibration thru pleasure techniques to create life with more fun, joy and ease.
-Let go of outdated beliefs and blockages, that don’t serve your goals or keep you feeling small or limited.
-Watch as success finds you without you having to effort, strive or bang your head against the wall.
-Remember how to work with passion rather than working “hard”and learn key pivot techniques that can take any challenge and turn them into opportunities.
-Refine your dating approach and learn to have rewarding dating experiences that allow you to grow and prepare you to reach your dating goals.

-You want to be on the leading edge of human transformation.
-You believe in the potential of tantric healing and have always felt your sexual energy was more powerful than you had ever been taught.
-You are ready to receive the wisdom of the feminine approach to attaining goals and want to create more space to deeply nourish and fulfill yourself.
-You want the benefits of both being nurtured and supported with being held accountable and inspired to get thru challenges.
-You are ready to fulfill your personal and professional goals that come from your sincerest soul calling.
-You are ready to let the past go, learn from your mistakes and get a fresh start to create anew with techniques that work.
-You want to learn skills that will make you a master lover and gain the confidence and self-love to attract a partner or supercharge your current relationship.

Transformation Tantra Packages include:

4 :75 minute Soulful Tantra Life coaching Sessions (value $800)
2 :3 hour Tantric Bodywork Sessions (value $1600)
2 :2 hour Tantric Breathwork Sessions (value $500)
1 :VIP Day 4 hour Tantric Focusing Session (Value $1200)

Value: $4100

Actual Donation: $3300
(Payment plans accepted)

*These sessions are a combination of in person and by Skype/phone.
**The full package needs to be completed within two months unless previously arranged
***I travel frequently so I am happy to accommodate you in whatever part of the world you find yourself if our schedules coincide.
****If you would like to work with me in a city I don’t travel to, travel arrangements can be made for an additional fee. Simply inquire.

To Book this Life Changing Experience please fill out my inquiry form here and I will contact you for a complimentary 20 minute discovery call.