Tantric Bondassage Session aka Tie and Tease

Surrender to the feminine and discover new sensations

Using the healing powers of control and surrender, allow me to be your mistress of order…
I take on the archetype of the Goddess in charge so that you can fully surrender and follow my lead.
Using the practices of Bondassage, I take you on a journey thru luxurious creative sensation play with all of bondassages fun toys and tools. Using the blindfold to restrict sight for part of the session, more of your other senses are amplified for a deeper experience. The use of light restraints allows your deepest surrender and bliss turn on.

All the best of The Divine Pleasure Session with the added edge of bondassage techniques and sequences to bring you to a deep relaxation and pleasure session. Tantric breath and basic technique are incorporated so you receive maximum pleasure and expansion. Aspects of the Tantric Arts session can be woven in by request.

Let me be your mistress of control, I simply adore to tie and tease you to new heights of surrender and pleasure….

** there will be no pain or humiliation in these sessions

this is for you if:

-you adore bondassage but want to take it one step deeper with the added benefits of tantric breath and technique.

-you have been curious about BDSM but want a gentler, and more introductory exposure and are not expecting extreme pain or humiliation.

-you love to be dominated in an artful way by a woman comfortable in that role and find that kind of surrender sublime for relaxation and tension release.

-are curious about new ways to experience your sensuality and divine ways to create relaxation.

NYC/Boston/Chicago/San Francisco: Donations start at $600
Colorado/Costa Rica: Donations start at $350