Our glandular system is quite a powerful system in the body that can create immense physical and spiritual healing. The glands can become a portal into alternate realities, create balance in the body and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

1. Pineal Gland: Mother of Spirituality

-The Pineal Gland reminds us to surrender our lives in service to the divine. When we are connected to her she is like a map to the divine light.  Located at the center of the brain.

2.Pituitary Gland: Mother of Intelligence

-The pituitary gland opens us up to our intelligence and independence. She is the gateway to higher wisdom and connects us with the powers of remembrance. If we surrender to her, she will open us onto the spiritual path and show us the way. She is located at the third eye below the pineal gland.

3. Thyroid: Mother of Growth

-The thyroid helps us continue our journeys developing and seeking the spritiual path in our lives. She is the opening to intellect and reason. Located at the throat.

4.Thymus: Mother of the Heart

-Also knows as the rejuvenator. When we surrender to the thymus, she leads us to a high state of human love. She encourages us to develop our artistic abilities and is the entrance to beauty and harmony. Located at the heart center.

5.Pancreas: Mother of Transformation

-The pancreas guides us to digest and integrate food on every level. If we listen to her wisdom, we will find a let go of control and power, and move from ego to compassionate surrendering. Located below the left breast.

6. Adrenal Glands: Mother of Fire and Water

-The adrenals nourish the kidneys, the bone marrow and the spine. Very important they are balanced and that we are not letting stress and exertion overwhelm these precious helpers. Taking time for rest and rejuvenation and taking herbs to support them. Ashwagandra is a good one.

7. Sexual Glands: Mother of Essence

-Sexual glands nourish the ovaries, uterus, vagina and the breasts. They are the key to more life force energy as they support the egg cells to grow and mature. The egg carries the precious essence of life within, and according to the taoists, each egg that leaves the body is a precious waste of energy. That;s why the taoists created so many techniques for preserving the sexual essence within the body. Ovarian breathing is one practice to preserve the sexual essence within the body.

This information was reformatted from a book called Exploring the Hidden Power of Female Sexuality by Maitreyi D. Piontek.

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