About Bodywork:

“Thank you so much for introducing me to this practice. I am so refreshed today. I slept more soundly than I can remember and awoke completely as soon as my eyes opened. This is like my old self and I have not experienced that in years.” – Bruce R. Day Trader

I just want to say Thank You again. Today I feel great the best I ever felt in a long time,and I really learned a lot with the session. Can’t wait for next time. ”
Anthony, Real Estate Agent

“The appointment was rather blissful. I felt great afterwards. 🙏 Thank you for a great experience.”
Raphael, Entrepeneur

Thank you for a beautiful, profound and sensual session.
Rest assured that it is also very rare to find somebody like you… You are an exceptional woman. Enjoy your travels and be blessed.”
Paul, Financial Analyst

“Very dear Sagarra, thank you for the sensuality, the love and the beauty. Feels like a dream… ”
Samuel, Author

About Coaching

“Yes, the calls were great, very inspiring. I feel a change in myself since last week. Things that I am accomplishing this week,I couldn’t even image doing it a week ago, like going to the gym, feeling more happy, more of a positive outlook for the future. I cant wait for next week’s session. Have a GREAT weekend.
Thank You,
Rufus, Salesman

“This was fantastic! Way beyond my expectations for what I was going to receive. I got to talk about things, I hadn’t been able to discuss with anyone and I felt like I got new perspectives on things, that had been on my mind for awhile. Definitely a fresh perspective on my dating life has happened and I feel more hopeful. Thank you again!”
Angelo, Actor

” Thank you so much for the coaching…..You hold a compassionate ear, and know about so many things I am just learning about. I can feel your passion and your sincere desire to help create an intimate life that is fulfilling. I can feel your wisdom on this subject and I learned so many things, I had never even heard of in 46 years! Well worth my investment”.
Steven O, Pharmicist and Business Ownder

About Female Healing:

“Every women would benefit in having the opportunity to experience the beautiful sacred work of Sagarra. Her knowledge about breathwork, energy, female sexuality and our bodies help to create a unique magical potion for immense physical, emotional and spiritual connection and healing within oneself.

She is a joy to work with, full of compassion and intuition and knows how to truly hold the space for healing.

I’m blessed to have found another light worker able to channel into this massive amount of Goddess energy pouring into our planet and who uses her gifts for the betterment of her sisters.”

-Jennifer Zulli (Aurélia)
New age recording artist, composer sound and vibrational healer. Founder and director of SOUND ( Center for Arts & Mindfulness) and