The ovaries are a powerful set of organs that most of us women do not know anything about other than that our eggs are made there. I believe that the incidents of cancer and ovarian problems would diminish significantly if we learned how to tune into the magic and power  that is inherent in these jewels of our female organ system. I found these great exercises in the book The Power of Shakti…I highly recommend connecting to these powerful sources of divine feminine energy …..

In THE POWER OF SHAKTI, by Padma Aon Prakashana, he writes:

” The rich wine-red ovaries are a storage center for vast amounts of sexual energy, and also a repository of sexual traumas and repression. As the ovaries heal, life force flows into the belly and womb, which can then be directed into other parts of the body mind via the eighteen pathways to renew, vitalize, empower, and enhance your innate femininity.

More than 40 percent of a woman’s daily energy goes into the production of her eggs. Thus a woman loses her vital, sexual energy through her ovaries in the same way that a man loses energy when he ejaculates. If this energy is harnessed through ovary breathing, all this life force can be circulated to improve the health of the body, skin, and organs, increasing your life span, clearing your mind, and boosting your immune system. Ovary breathing is also a great way to open up to having full-body orgasms.”

To do this there is a simple practice called Ovary Breathing:


1. Focus on the ovaries in Yoni Mudra, hands forming a downward triangle over the ovaries.

2.Sit quietly, and do throat breathing, rasping the breath, over the throat, making an ocean-like sound, with your tongue resting on your palate.

3. Focus on the ovaries until you feel their energy expand and become warm.

4. As you breathe in, gently contract the opening to the yoni, using the muscles of the first gate, and as you breathe out relax the muscles. Use your mind, breath, and muscles to do this gently. Soon you will not need to use the muscles, and the breath and mind will do it automatically. This motion helps to draw energy into the ovarian palace, warming you up.

5. Continue, this, and begin to collect the warm energy at the ovarian place.

6. As this energy builds, you can start to breathe and circulate it into the ovarian loop, the heart loop.

7. You can also send it to the perineum, yoni, and through the gateways, one by one, with the prayers for each gateway: praise, gratitude, and compassion.

8. Finish the practice with storing and sending all the energy into the womb or ovary loops.

This practice should not be done during ovulation.

-Taken from :The Power of Shakti by Padma Aon Prakashana

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After trying the exercises please come back and post a comment on your experience…..I will be trying these exercises out myself in the park and writing a post about how I experienced it…..I just intuitively know they work and when I found them and this book I just had to share!! I just ran into a friend today who is battling ovarian cancer and I told her about these breathing techniques and her eyes lit up…..

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Many blessings to all of you on your journeys in ward and to the place of the divine…