22110_383425878421106_1297577292_nMary Oliver is still rocking my world…

Must add another poem that speaks to me. I find reading these poems puts me in a place of such reminded sensitivity that I instantly start to breathe deeper, listen more, look more intently, notice the colors and the textures of life more readily after I read a few lines. I have been bringing her on to the subway with me, the slim book with the painting on its cover fits neatly into my shoulder bag. Sometimes I forget she is there only to realize it when the ride or the wait is almost over, but I pull her out anyway and grab a few lines.  Even just two lines, soothes my soul, softens me, brings an openess to my day. I love NYC subways for allowing me to read such beauty in the midst of such advertising, humanity and insane beauty. It makes poetry even more dimensional and layered.

Here is another::


The Milkweed now with their many pods are standing

like a country of dry women.

The wind lifts their flat leaves and drops them.

This is not kind, but they retain a certain kind of crisp glamour;

moreover, it is easy to believe

each one was once young and delicate,also

frightened, also capable

of a certain amount of rough joy.

I wish you would walk with me out into the world.

I wish you could see what has to happen, how

each one crackles like a blessing

over its thin children as the rush away.

-Mary Oliver from her book Dream Work

I hope these poems bring a lift to your step and a flight to your heart….may you soar with angels every step of the day.

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Blessings and thank you for reading and sharing…..