Tantra For Men


Are you a successful man that longs to find a deeper connection to your heart, soul and deeper purpose in the world?

Are you longing to have better connections with women and the feminine side of life?

Do you work, work, work all day long and desire some time doing absolutely nothing except simply receiving joy, bliss and healing feminine energy?

Are you curious about tantra, this buzz word that seems mysterious and alluring?

Are you seeking a bounce in your step, an ease in your smile and a sense of let go from your tightly spun mind?

Do you feel confined at times in a suit, tied behind a desk, tied to your committment to others well being when you know you have a wild, passionate side that is spontaneous and juicy?

Are you wanting to experience a taste of who you were when you were 18, 25, 30?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that originated in India. It is based on meditation and self inquiry and the embrace of the body and the senses as paths to wholeness. It is not just a sexy massage or a quick fix, it is a sacred spiritual healing path that has its roots in treating every part of life as sacred and intelligient. Including our sexuality and dual play as masculine and feminine in the art form of love. You do not need a partner to practice Tantra. You are your best partner with the universe. You can also have a partner. It does not matter, in what form you come, as long as your longing to meet the perfection within is present and your willingness to face your fears and shadows does not stop you. The Tantric path is about pleasure, honesty, feeling, expressing, experiencing and embracing all parts of our lives and experience as life teachers. You are perfect as is. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. Everything to be mindful of and bring a curiosity of awareness. Life is an adventure....and a sacred gift. Don't you want to start living THIS way?

It is possible. Let me help.

Sessions with me will allow you to:

-CONNECT. To more deeply feel your sensations and feelings the cornerstone of great intimacy

-SLOW DOWN. So you can give your mind a break and access your truest self which helps with premature responses.

-INCREASE PRESENCE. The key to magnetic relationships and success in all areas of your life.

-BLISS OUT. Pleasure is Medicine. Let me show you how it can heal you by circulating bliss energy thruout your whole body.

-LEARN. Skills and Awareness about how to truly pleasure a Woman and ignite her deepest essence.

-TRANSCEND. Surrender into the quiet reaches of your soul, where the magic happens, where the peace lives.

-EMPOWER. Find your confidence again, relax into the Man you truly know you Are.

-HEAL. Past issues, relationships, traumas or blocks. Feel safe to be vulnerable. Feel listened to and Seen.

-EDUCATE. Learn how to offer healing to a woman, and how to communicate in a way Women understand.

-HAVE FUN. Enjoy yourself. Experience how fun is not just a word for kids, but an actual life giving energy, essential for wellness and success. You deserve it.


Using a variety of tantric methods, healing techniques and my own creativity in the moment and skill as a Tantrika, of which I am constantly adding new knowledge and education, each session is unique but does include:

-Tantric Breathwork- You have never breathed like this. Learn and Experience breathwork that opens, cleanses, de-stresses, ignites and re-aligns you to Goodness.

-Eye Gazing and Connection. The eyes are the windows to the Soul. By deeply connecting we open up worlds and healing we cannot access alone.

-Sacred Touch. Bodywork and Touch that is slow, deep, rhythmic and deeply nurturing. Feel how loving touch expands and blisses you. Heal your aches and pains. Feel Pleasure.

-Sounding. Learn to use your voice to amplify your experience, cleanse your body/mind/soul and release the Joy within.

-Meditation. Find the silence. The vast reserve of presence and clarity that only getting still and quiet can offer. Learn how to do it in a City or in the midst of life circumstances. Make meditation juicy.

-Temple Experience. Feel the healing power of a space lit with candles, tantric statues, filtered and clean water, pure filtered air and beautiful scents, sounds and textures. Feel at Home.

-Embodiment. My presence as activated and loving woman brings healing and a new experience of the feminine. Allowing you to trust and experience true care from a Woman. My role is as your guide, inspiration, teacher, confidant and healer. I offer healing nourishment with clear boundaries so that our container of intimacy is pure and easy. These boundaries are there for both of us to truly surrender to the journey together and create true intimacy.

Sessions are ALWAYS a minimum of 2 Hours. This work is about slowing down and taking the time to let go and tune In. Please treat yourself well and honor this way.

Offerings always include: organic pure bath products, highest grade essential oils, hot towels, luxurious towels and linens, specially selected sound therapy, massage table (unless I come to you) filtered water and light refreshments.


* I offer sliding scale donations so that you can experience this work with care to your budget. If you are able to donate on the higher end due to your success, please do. It allows me to offer this healing to others who may have less and continue my education and self care to better serve you. Whatever you choose, I welcome and embrace you.

90 mins/500-600

2 Hours/600-700

3 hrs/ 8-900

** I do not offer less than 2 hour appointments. Session times begin the moment you walk thru the door. If I can accommodate a longer session due to the healing power that is happening in the session, I do. At no extra donation.

Longer Sessions to be Discussed
Bath Ceremony can be included at Your Upscale Hotel**

*At least a 2 hour session is preferred to truly receive this work. Treat yourself well.

** The Bath Ceremony is a healing ritual with the energy of the water. Essential oils, bath salts and scrubs, and a warm bath help you to open into the powerful receptive energy of water, slow down and tune in. Be nourished. 3 hour session preferred to accommodate the Bath.

Sessions take place at your upscale hotel or private residence or at my Temple Space in midtown Manhattan. Fresh linens, pure oils, candles, private shower/bath, and an upscale private building.

Out-call: Plus 100 (at my discretion)

Less than 3 Hr notice plus 100(at my discretion)

If you would like me and a Tantric Sister to create the session for you, I work with several beautiful, intentional women that do this work with heart and healing. I am happy to arrange this for you and choose a Sister that you feel compatible with. A Tantric Sister can bring her own creativity and healing techniques to the session and share her unique wisdom and trainings with you.

Traveling to Costa Rica? Want to experience a healing session in the middle of a natural location? I travel there quite frequently..... I am happy to travel to your location and create a beautiful experience for you. Simply email me with your request.

To book a session please fill out the intake form and indicate, the day and time of your requested session. If your session is for the same day, please fill out the intake form or email me. Same day appointments are not guaranteed but I do my best to accommodate.

I strongly encourage a $100 booking deposit to hold your session time via pay pal or credit card. Less than 24 hour cancellation and the deposit is forfeited. I will always refund your deposit if I am unable to keep the appointment.

Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment and entertainment is simply for time and educational purposes. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary.

ALL new clients are required to provide a current (within past 12-months) provider reference OR --for faster screening-- can provide ONE of the following:

  • a URL for a business website that has your name and a current photo
  • an office phone number with a voice mail that has your name in the message or a secretary who can forward a call to your voicemail
  • your full name for a simple Google search to verify you
  • other options are available at my discretion