About Me

aylen2I am a passionate, articulate, lover, of the tantric path to heal and awaken us to our deepest potential as human beings.

Raised on the west coast, I traveled east for an education and now make NYC my part time home when I am not traveling or spending rejuventating time down in Costa Rica. I attended NYU and got a degree in psychology and theatre. After I graduated I studied all different forms of dance, healing, tantra, breathwork, yoga and meditation as well as life coaching and Bondassage.

I simply Love the sensual arts and the space they create for true expansion, connection, pleasure and wisdom. There is a divine alchemy in the breath, the presence and the sound to truly liberate us to our deepest experience as humans.

I spend alot of time dancing, doing yoga, meditation retreats, as well as spending time in nature and attending various healing workshops. I strive to take the best care of myself, inside and out and eat a healthy diet, consume culture and education as well as keep postiive people and events around me.

I love being female and keep my self care and nourishment as one of my top priorities so that I can serve you with a full cup. I am constantly taking new courses and traveling to new place to keep myself alive and fresh and inspired.

I love to Inspire you to take action on your dreams, to find a restful place within yourself and to embrace your pleasure and desire as a gift and a blessing to lead a full life. I find so much pleasure in offering pleasure, especially when the heart is open and communication is flourishing.

What do I enjoy? Chocolate, organic wine, good films and books, amazing music, beautiful clothes, laughter and people with sincerity and heart. I love to learn about world cultures, politics and history. Great conversation is definitely one of my turn ons.

I have a big heart and sincerely desire you to touch the space I know the path of Tantra can offer.

Allow me to help you open the door to understanding the depths of healing pleasure within your body, soul and consciousness.....Allow me to remind you of how easy it is to shine as you are and drop all the efforting to get somewhere or be something....Allow me to help you to simply relax into the present and experience the ecstasy of being alive in this moment as you are, with all the creative life force flowing thru you. You deserve this.