About Sensual Tantric Healing

530851 514916488530738 1695974699 nSensual Tantric Healing merges the art of Sensuality, the principles and practices of Tantra with the intention of Healing.  Sensual Tantric Healing is a creative healing art designed to take you on an inner and outer tantric journey. Part tantric bodywork session, part sensual breathwork session, part healing ceremony,  each journey is unique and sensitive to the creativity in the moment and to your needs as an individual. Tantric education is interwoven to empower you as a skillful and attentive lover and to increase your pleasure awareness and thresholds. The primary focus is on feeling life rather than over thinking life, thus creating more ease, greater creativity, more energy and deeper connection.

Tantra is an ancient healing art that embraces all aspects of our beings and our lives as being sacred and divine. Tantra seeks to awaken both our masculine sides (the part of us that is active, logical and structured) along with our feminine side (receptive, feeling and creative) to create one unified whole individual. When our masculine and feminine sides are balanced we can then attract more abundance, creativity and love into your lives effortlessly. But more importantly, this union within opens us to the divine presence our soul longs for and awakens our divine nature which is peace and acceptance for all that is in our lives.

Meditation is the foundation of this journey, and we use the body and sensation as the focusing point of the mind, so that naturally our thoughts slow down, we ease more deeply into the body and allow the stresses of the day to be absorbed by pleasure. The Breath becomes the gateway to releasing the stuck and stored stress and blockage in the body and mind, and allows an expansion of our souls to fully inhabit our flesh, to feel comfortable with feeling good.

Relaxing, healing music is used to further allow a deeper transformation and take you into the realm of the divine. Toning, oming, and sounding are all used to facilitate a thorough cleaning of your chakras, mind and cells, to retune you to the vibration of the universe and allow your deepest heart to be expressed.

Healing energy is then circulated throughout your body via touch, healing distress, ailments and stiffness and to bring a sacredness to all parts of your human journey....Deep pressure coupled with light and slow touch creates a rhythm of integration and sensitivity. So that you slow down enough to truly feel your body and to tune your mind to a deeper awareness. Touch becomes a meditation on the sensation in the NOW, where bliss and peace always exist.

When the mind is free, the body open, the breath full and the heart receptive, healing and bliss become intertwined into one divine experience. This is the joy of Sensual Tantric Healing, to both awaken and inspire as well as bring peace and deep rest within the body, mind and soul. To be set Free to the truest nature of your being, to come Home.