Bondassage and Elysium

540540 278460352242805 253054451450062 608173 430068513 nSURRENDER IS THE DOORWAY TO THE SOUL, TO THE INFINITE REALMS OF PLEASURE THAT YOU DESERVE.

Imagine, you are a willing and curious seeker, eager to experience and explore the realms of light bondage mixed with ultra juicy sensual massage. You will be nurtured, caressed and tantalized in a safe and healing environment, designed to get you out of your head and into your body, where the truest form of pleasure can be found.

My love and training in Tantra informs all of my Bondassage sessions, and Tantric technique and the awakened energy can be woven in to create a session for you that leaves you energized, more fulfilled and more deeply surrendered to life. Allow the magic of bondage to become a spiritual journey into the healing realms of pleasure, allow sensation play to take you to a deeper space within your soul and find the relaxation of the mind that creates true peace and bliss in your life.

Never tried Bondassage or bondage before? This is the perfect entry into this beautiful and exciting path of surrender and sensation play. Letting go is the ultimate power, and this incredibly sensual art form is unlike anything you've ever experienced or even imagined. Bondassage combines innovative massage techniques with subtle breath and energy work, rhythmic body percussion, slow luxurious flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play. As you surrender to the sensations and forget the outside world, I take you to a place of exquisite enjoyment, a place where you can indulge your senses and embrace the pleasure. A lover of Bondassage and Bondage already? Allow my integration of Tantra to open a new door of your experience, where you can increase your sensation thresholds, and explore exciting ways to cultivate and direct your life force energy. All while serving the Goddess, deeply surrendering and having a ton of FUN!

Allow me to be your Tantric Mistress on this journey, to lead you to unexplored heights of possibility, allow me to create that safe and exciting space for you to really let go and experience the peace and pleasure that you so deserve.....


A slower, softer version of Bondassage (without the body percussion and sensation play) ~ Elysium stretches your sensual boundaries, transporting you to new realms of pleasure.

Focusing on your sole satisfaction, using a unique combination of ancient esoteric techniques, Elysium combines a mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary touches, enticing all of the senses. Expertly controlling your state of blissful relaxation, Elysium provides a multi-dimensional experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries.

Elysium focuses the senses, combining Ayurvedic, Kashmiri, and Taoist principles with soft, silk bondage and sensory focusing tools. Alternating soft brush strokes, excruciatingly slow massage, and expert caresses, Elysium brings you the ultimate sensual experience.....

My trainings in Bondassage, Elysium, Tantra, Breathwork, Life Coaching, Yoga, Massage, Ecstatic Dance and Meditation all weave together to create for you a unique and never the same sensual journey. My intention is always for your deepest pleasure, and greatest awakening.


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Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment and entertainment is simply for time and educational purposes. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary.

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