Sensual Life Coaching

393055 10150594069971890 553621889 9266188 550092750 nAre you ready to make changes in  your life? Would you like to work more specifically on certain areas of your life and routine using the principles and practices of Sensual Tantric Healing with a Coach that will hold you accountable, encourage you to live at your best and help you develop an action plan suited to your life and unique guidance?

Are you uncomfortable sharing some of your more intimate desires, fantasies or issues in the areas of sensuality and sexuality in your life, and yet want and need guidance that is non-judgemental, compassionate and WISE?

I am a trained Life Coach through Coach University, the oldest and best Life Coaching school in the country. I love to work one on one with people to get them RESULTS in all areas of their life, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Life Coaching is about YOU.  It is not "therapy". Sensual Life Coaching blends the best of regular life coaching with the benefits of conscious sensuality. I help you discover your own inner keys to creating what it truly is you want in your life. Then together we discover an action plan to help you create more beauty, health, wealth and soul abundance in all areas of your life.

As your coach, I hold you ACCOUNTABLE to taking those actions and showing up for the transformation. I encourage, motivate, inspire, and keep your focus on the things that really matter to you. Life Coaching keeps YOU in the driver's seat of your own life, I simply ask the hard questions, keep you focused, remind you of your true desires and make sure you are taking ACTION in service of those desires.

I will be giving you sensual homework, so that you can begin accessing the rich inner sensuality that is capable of manifesting anything your heart truly desires and creating a greater joy and ease not only in the body but in your entire life.  I will share with you Tantric secrets and strategies for healing and harmonizing your physical and energetic bodies so that you can open more to life and let in its TRUE abundance and joy. I will blend these techniques with the values and goals that you bring to the table, so that a unique program just for you is created that is designed to TRANSFORM your quality of life and begin to attract all that you truly desire into your life.

After each phone session, I send you notes of exactly what we discussed in a discrete way and the actions to take during the following week. I also send you tips, qoutes, information, referrals, and other materials that I believe may support you in your transformation. Meditations and breathwork may be taught over the phone. Holistic health counseling including diet and exercise can be woven in to any plan.

Want to be coached as a couple? The same rates apply!



60 minute session: $220

90 minute session: $280

1 Month Series (60 min session 4x/month plus unlimited email support and phone support during high stress times):: $700

3 Month Series (60 min session 3x/month plus unlimited email support and phone support during high stress times):: $1800

6 Month Series (60 min session 3x/month plus unlimited email support and phone support during high stress times):: $3300

** Please contact me via the inquiry form for further details or to inquire about a different package based on your needs.