546805_514278771916760_1125817447_n-1“Don’t be impatient. No one is reborn instantaneously. It takes time. It is a process. The tide goes out and comes back in. People let go of one attachment only to form another one that challenges them more. Life is rhythmic, but progressive. As earth and water breathe together, the shape of the beach changes. Storms come and go.

In the end, a profound peace comes and pervades the heart and mind. Finally, the ground of being has been reached. Here the changing waters come and go, and the earth delights in them as a lover delights in the playful touch of his beloved.

A deep acceptance is felt and, with it, a quiet recognition that all things are perfect as they are. This is grace, the presence of God come to dwell in your heart and in your life.”

Paul Ferrini from “I Am the Door”


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