I am SUPER excited to work together and I know that we will create amazing results! I find it helpful to get some of the logistics covered before we start working together so that we can focus on the work during our time together. These policies have been developed in order to minimize any confusion and to make our time together as efficient as possible. Please review these terms and agreements in full, sign and return to me at the beginning of your next coaching session.

I promise to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared. From time to time, I share aspects of our work anonymously with colleagues as a way of furthering the work and request the same confidentiality be respected by you.

Payment Agreement

Our 2 month contract starts June 4th.  We have agreed to 1 payments of $1650. We have agreed that will be paid via paypal to, choosing friends to friends to avoid fees. This has been paid.

We will meet via zoom for 60 minutes once a week on Saturdays at 10am for 6 coaching sessions, to be completed within 2 months.

Payment Plan Policy Agreement

If you need to reschedule a session or change your regular time, the payment plan will remain in effect and to agreed upon schedule unless discussed and a new agreement is reached. Please make all payments by Paypal using the friends to friends option to avoid fees if using PayPal. Address is

Cancellation Policy Agreement

If you need to cancel or re-schedule a call please do so within at least 24 hours. If you cannot cancel within that window, I do charge a 50% session fee if you wish to make that session up, (barring any real life emergencies, illness or communication mishaps or if it is mutually beneficial for both of us to re-schedule.) I block out my calender just for you and try to be as flexible as I can be whilst running a business. Keeping a solid container is beneficial to both of us to see your desires manifest. All calls  and sessions must happen in the two month time frame.

Refund Agreement

There are no refunds once sessions are purchased and there are no partial refunds for unused sessions. I always do my best to make up any missed sessions in our 2 month time frame.


If issues arise in our work together, I request that you agree to communicate about them immediately. Always feel free to bring up anything to me so that you feel comfortable, expressed and clear in our communication.


I, Mukul Bhatt understand that Kinley Doucette is not a physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, licensed therapist or clinical social worker, and is not trained in nor does she diagnose or treat any psychological or medical condition. If an issue should arise that is best addressed by a licensed medical or psychological professional, I understand that she will recommend I contact them immediately for further assistance. I also acknowledge and agree that I have free will and that I am fully responsible for all my thoughts, feelings, and decisions and for any actions I may take on those thoughts, feelings, and decisions. I agree that I will not hold Kinley responsible for any of my actions, or their consequences, committed by me at any time and that I will not institute any lawsuit or legal proceeding against Kinley Doucette relating to events occurring or actions taken in my life I agree to all of the policies outlined in the previous pages, including but not limited to confidentiality, cancellation within 24 hours, no refunds, duration of sessions and coaching fees.

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