11179_457983600922647_96183604_n“On the dance floor, meeting complete strangers in the beat, you have the opportunity to rip off your mask and relax into the rhythm of connection. Sweat will melt your defenses away. Rhythms shatter one’s needs to judge, control, defend, push, blame. In the fleeting energy of the moment there is only the dance”.
Gabrielle Roth… Connections: The Five Threads of Intuitive Wisdom

The Dance. The first and last place I find myself in the face of God. To know myself as rhythm, as connection, as the shatter of all the mind chatter and to deliver us to rest only in the breath. We underestimate this dance to have the power to heal, inspire, uplift and reconnect. Sometimes the most healing thing I can do is put on a piece of good music and just dance in my living room. The power of music to cleanse the spirit, the body and the mind is beyond any healing modality I have ever discovered. And everyone likes music, everyone in every part of the world, has that music they dig on, has that song they sang as children, has that radio song they listen to driving that makes them roll down the window and sing, has the sesame street song, has that commercial jingle, has that favorite in the jute box. Music and rhythm is what is coursing thru our veins and is always here for us, as us. And anyone can dance, even if they have no legs, no feet, no arms, no way to move anything, because music is in the soul and the soul can never be taken away….

The Dance is Tantra…it is the merging and the meeting of the deepest part of our heart and our consciousness. We can come to the dance in any way shape or form. The dance can hold our sadness, our anger, or depression, our joy, our confusion, our numbness. Every color of our experience can be shaped onto the dance floor, can be breathed thru, can be alchemized into an offering of sweat, tears, creative movement, as an offering of free expression. When you see a human really moving, really in their essence on the dance floor, all I can see is beauty,.. raw, unequivocal beauty in every way. When the head is dropped, the feet are found and the hands play with invisible shapes coming out the heart and down the arms, an average stiff human becomes a flower of expression, of art. This is tantra….to become alive, present, feeling, awake to the beauty of life, to the infinity of every moment, for no other reason than it is our essence, our prime reason for living on the planet. We are here to live fully in our shiny radiance. This is the dance. Making love to the moment, with total self acceptance, with total let go, with full, heart and soul, no matter where we are at when we arrive. Tired, grumpy, ecstatic, bored, withdrawn, horny, we come as we are and we let the dance transform us, create thru us out of all the various colors we bring. And we dance for each other, to inspire each other in connection and commonality. We dance for our tribal natures, our shared human family that is all wanting to wake up and get free. Freeeeee….to be you and me. Blessed be. Find the dance and move yourself to liberation, to the place where the divine in you meets the divine in me. Namaste great beings…..this dance is the joy of existence.