I found this on facebook. It moved me::

“The secret of a powerful woman is that she is fully alive to her loving, devotional, emotional and psychic abilities. She is fluid like water, and is therefore able to accept change easily. Going with the flow, is the way of yin. She craves nothing so much as finding a man, or a god to whom she may abandon herself to in fullest surrender. Letting go and being possessed by the divine masculine is her deepest ecstasy. She is able to let go, because her throne is the heart, the seat of love. And every woman knows deep down, that God is love, and that love is God. Since the very essence of divinity finds its abode in her heart, she can afford to be sweet, giving and nurturing.”

But I also felt it was a bit limited. As if a woman is always fluid and emotional and devotional. Sometimes we are a bitch, fiery and warrior like. We don’t put up with bullshit, with phonies, or somebody yanking our chain. I want to have these qualities included in what it means to be a woman, I want to see these qualities also respected as being “feminine”. I want the fierce, powerful woman who is independent, without a lover and devoted to her work, to also be included in this. I want to see the woman who serves the public day after day with no acknowledgement included in this. I want to see the woman who has 3 kids and is exhausted all the time, but who is also not complaining, included in all this. Letting go and being possessed by the divine masculine? Well, okay….but does this mean if we don’t have a man we haven’t surrendered fully? Gosh I hope not. I really hope my life isn’t depending on meeting a man. Didn’t we already establish this wasn’t the case in this new era of feminine empowerment?  Maybe I don’t understand this quote. Does this mean I am supposed to be all sweet and soft all the time….what if I get pissed that some guys whistles about my ass, or tells me he loves me and then doesn’t call. Do I just keep swinging on that swing with my smile signaled up to the heavens?  I think a woman who acknowledges her anger, her fire, her heat, and knows how to use it for transformation and alchemy, despite what anyone says, or does to her, is like really great.  A woman not afraid to be human, to fail, to make a mistake, to look awkward, to not always have the graceful answer. A woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty, to discover who she really is, who isn’t afraid to not fit in to even the spiritual concept of what they now tell her it means to be woman.
Sure I would love to feel all devotional all the time, and deeply in tune with my emotional, psychic abilities,,,,but the reality is….some days, I am just pissed that watching the presidential elections offers less than inspiration.