184860 10151234022052716 1228339507 n copyWelcome to Sensual Tantric Healing

Welcome to the world of healing through pleasure, sensuality and the embrace of the body and its desires to lead us to a more centered state of mind, and a more easeful relationship with all of life.

Here, all things are sacred, all parts of ourselves are embraced to lead us back to the divine flame within, to reconnect us to the wholeness deep within our beings.In our fast paced, stressful world, rarely are we able to take time for ourselves, to be nurtured, nourished and reminded of our true essence, beyond time and space, beyond the limitations of the mind, beyond our personal agendas.

Sensual Tantric Healing is a journey into the deepest, most pleasurable parts of ourselves, so that mind, body and spirit is embraced at a level of true care and sensitivity.  Nourishing and nurturing ourselves creates all aspects of our lives to flow with grace, ease and abundance. It tunes us back in to the infinite source within and reminds us, life is a pleasure to be enjoyed, honored and celebrated. In this way, healing is natural.